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3 Ways to Get a Professional Logo For Your Business

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Not sure where to get a professional logo for your business? Consider one of these three ways to get an amazing logo design and discover which option is the best and within your budget.

How to get a professional logo design for your business.

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1. Do It Yourself with a Logo Generator

Did you know you can create a logo yourself? You can create a logo by using a logo generator, also known as a logo maker. Instead of having a designer design a logo from scratch, a logo generator offers templates you can customize and make unique.

Customization includes changing the font style, colors, icons/graphics, and layout.

Using a logo generator is the quickest way to get a professional logo.

See if you can create a logo you like with a logo generator such as DesignEvo.

Design Evo is a top-rated logo generator with a large selection of logo templates and makes it easy to customize a logo--an excellent option for beginners.

How Much Does DesignEvo Cost?

DesignEvo offers three plans, a free option (not recommended since there are usage limitations), a basic plan, and a plus plan. Generally, expect to pay under $100. Check if DesignEvo is currently offering any discounts.


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2. Hire a Logo Designer

Not interested in designing a logo yourself? Your next best option is to hire a logo designer. With this option, you can get a unique and original logo design from a professional.

A logo designer can design a logo based on your ideas and preferences, or you can completely leave it to the designer's creativity and imagination to create an amazing logo.

Hiring a logo designer is the best way to get an original logo design.

The main challenge with this option is to find the right logo designer. Fortunately, Fiverr makes it easy to find the best designers. Fiverr is a popular online platform many businesses use to get a logo design and other online services.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Logo Designer on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you can certainly find a price within your budget. You can find a logo designer that charges less than $100, a few hundred dollars, and even more than $1000!


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3. Start a Logo Design Contest

When working with a single logo designer, you usually get 2-5 design concepts. But with a logo design contest, you can get much more from multiple logo designers! A logo design contest is highly recommended for anyone that wants to explore different design ideas and styles.

The average number of design concepts you can get with a logo design contest ranges from 20 to 100! The final number of designs depends on the platform you use and the plan you purchase.

A logo design contest is the best way to get many ideas for a potential logo.

Learn more about starting a logo design contest and how it works with one of the best places to start one--99designs. 99designs is a well-known online design platform that offers impressive results for getting a unique and memorable logo.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Contest with 99designs?

99designs offers four packages--bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The bronze package, which is the least expensive, starts at $299: view pricing and features for each package.


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