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Best Website Builders For Local Restaurants: 2022

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Need a website for your local restaurant? Create one yourself using a website builder optimized for restaurants.

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Your local restaurant will need a website to showcase your delicious menu and offer a way to boost your sales with online ordering. While there are many website builders, consider these two popular websites that are great options for restaurants.


Let's first start with the simplest option. Square is a platform that offers an all-in-one solution for restaurants. Its platform provides a website builder and other tools essential for operating a small restaurant, such as:

With a Square website, you can easily integrate these systems with your website and, most importantly, all within one platform.

More about Square's Website Builder

Square's website builder is called Square Online. This website builder takes a very simple approach to designing a website. It currently offers a few templates, but these templates have a decent and modern design.

It offers enough customization to allow you to make your website look unique. To build a website, you simply add a pre-designed section to a web page and change the text, images, background, or layout. It also has specific features for restaurants, such as:

  • a Catering Request Form Section

  • a Featured Menu Item Section

Try Square Online for Free! Check out Square Online's editor and practice building a homepage for your restaurant. The best part is you can try Square Online for free! If you like it, purchase a plan, unlock important features, and finish your website.

Important Note:

If you're interested in Square's complete restaurant management system, check for pricing since each system has its pricing.

Leave it to an Expert

If you prefer hiring a web designer, Square Online makes it simple to find an expert who is Square Online certified. A certified expert is experienced with this website builder and can help you optimize your website.


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With Squarespace, you can create a beautiful restaurant website with an easy-to-use website builder. Squarespace's website builder gives you more design options to customize your website and make it look like a professional web designer designed it.

More about Squarespace's Website Builder

If you want more creative freedom, Squarespace gives you the flexibility to change a template's design. To build a website, you can keep a template's structure or add more pre-designed sections and other content items.

It also lets users create unique background animations to make your website look more impressive and offers a large selection of free images that you can add to your website.

Since Squarespace is a large and popular website builder, there is plenty of self-help support from Squarespace Help Center and other external sites in case you get stuck or confused using the editor.

Try Squarespace for Free! The best way to know if Squarespace is the right website builder is to try it out. You can try out Squarespace for free. Create a free account, choose your favorite website template, practice using Squarespace's editor, and see how easy it is to build a website.

Leave it to an Expert

If doing it yourself is not an option, hire an experienced Squarespace web designer. Squarespace can help you find a professional web designer or agency experienced with the Squarespace platform.

Pair Squarespace with TouchBistro

Squarespace doesn't offer a complete restaurant management system like Square Online, but you can pair it with TouchBistro. If your restaurant doesn't have a point-of-sale system, online ordering management, customer loyalty program, and a kitchen display system, consider using TouchBistro's impressive all-in-one platform for restaurants.

What makes TouchBistro even better is that it works for many types of restaurants, including:

  • Full-Service

  • Fine-Dining

  • Quick Service

  • Fast Causal

  • Coffee Shop

  • Cafe

  • Bakery

  • Food Truck

  • Brewery and Winery

Learn more about TouchBistro and pricing.

Quick Summary

  • If you need a complete restaurant management system and website within one platform, consider Square Online.

  • If you only need a website for your restaurant, consider Squarespace.

  • If you need a website builder that offers more design options yet easy-to-use and a complete restaurant management system, consider pairing Squarespace and TouchBistro.

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