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How To Make Your Website More Safe and Secure

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Getting a website for your business? It's essential that your website is safe and secure for visitors. A simple way to make your website more trustworthy is to have an SSL certificate; this essential security feature is easy to get and requires little or no technical setup.

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a digital certificate that authenticates a website. It's an internet security feature that protects and secures the connection between devices.

An SSL certificate ensures that a visitor's data, such as passwords, debit/credit card details, and other personal information is safe from being stolen or exploited by malware or hackers.

An SSL certificate will make your website more trustworthy.

How Can Someone Know If My Website is Safe and Secure?

You may have already noticed that many other websites you visit have a lock icon in the address bar. A website with a lock icon next to its domain name or web address means the connection is secure and has an SSL certificate.

For example, you will see a lock icon in the address bar for this website.

If you click on the lock icon, you can see more security details and a description that will say something similar to:

"You are securely connected to this site" or "Connection is secure"

If your website lacks an SSL certificate, web browsers will warn visitors that your website is not secure and unsafe. This warning is made evident by web browsers and will undoubtedly scare many visitors away from your website! Most importantly, many potential customers will avoid giving any personal or payment information on your website.

How Can I Get an SSL Certificate for my Website?

Getting an SSL certificate for your website is simple. If you don't have a website yet, consider using a website builder that already includes an SSL certificate.

Many website builders include an SSL certificate with their paid plans, while others require you to buy it separately. To make it easier, use one of these website builders that already include an SSL certificate in their paid plans:

If you're using another website builder, check if an SSL certificate is included. Look for a feature in their web hosting plans such as:

  • "Security with SSL"

  • "SSL Security"

  • "SSL certificate"

  • "Website security (SSL)"

  • "Free SSL certificate"

If you already have a website, visit your website on any device and look for a lock icon and click to see more details. If you discover your website doesn't have an SSL certificate, contact your web hosting provider to get this issue fixed.


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