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Top 5 Platforms Customers Use To Find Local Businesses Online

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Which sites do most people use to find a local business? While there are many options, just a few offer the best outcome for getting the best online exposure and results. Most importantly, you can list your business on these sites for free!

List Your Local Business On Popular Sites

Focus on sites that will offer the best outcome for getting more sales, orders, bookings, calls, or visits. This can be accomplished by ensuring your business shows up on the largest and most popular local directories, search engines, and social networks.

These are five major platforms your business should be registered and listed on:

These sites are ideal for local businesses, including retail, restaurants, and business services.

It's essential that your business is listed on several online platforms.


Any local business that wants a successful online presence must appear on Google.

You need to create a Google My Business profile for your business to appear on Google. With a Google My Business profile, your business can appear on Google Search and Google Maps.


Eventually, most businesses will get good or bad reviews. Yelp is a local directory with a well-established reputation for being a reliable site for people to view a business's reviews and ratings. Yelp is an excellent option for your business to have an additional source of online reviews, which you can also showcase on your business website.


Don't get overwhelmed by the many social media platforms. Facebook is a great option to start in the social media space. Facebook offers several free and paid options to promote your business locally.


Nextdoor is a popular social network site that focuses on connecting people within a neighborhood--this includes connecting people within a community to local businesses. Since Nextdoor emphasizes local connections, it's an excellent choice to list your business on this site.

Bing Places

While Google is the largest and most dominant search engine that people use to search for nearby local businesses, Bing usually ranks as the next most popular search engine in the United States. Your business will benefit from showing up on more than one search engine.

Create a Bing Places profile for your business to show up on Bing and Bing Maps.


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